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2020 Calendar Photo Contest!

Printable Entry Form in PDF

Each year our calendar features winning photos from our customers.

Our 2020 calendar will again showcase winning photos submitted by our customers.

This year you have the option of submitting a Cover Photo!

This year you have the option of submitting a Cover Photo. The Cover Photo must be a depiction of Overland Photo Supply. Past covers have been the front of the store, but you can be creative. The Cover Photo will not be voted on, but will be chosen by the owners of Overland Photo.

You have the choice to submit only a Cover Photo, or in combination with calendar month photos. Therefore you can submit up to three photos for the calendar, and one for the Cover. There is a box on the Entry Form to indicate your Cover Photo.

The winning Cover Photo photographer will receive a $50 Overland Photo Gift Card.

In your composition keep in mind we will place text like our name, address and phone number over the photo, but do not put any text on your photo. The resolution for the Cover Photo is the same as the month images 11.25" x 8.75" at 300 ppi. The exact dimensions are 3375 x 2625 pixels.

Since we opened we've had a tradition of handing out a free wall calendar each year. Customers are invited to submit photos for a chance to be included in the calendar. Entries are displayed at the store, and voted on by customers. From the many great photographs submitted, 12 winning photos are chosen, and are featured in the calendar. All our customers are invited to submit their photos for a chance to be in our 2020 calendar.

Subject matter can be anything you like. Photographs taken here in the Midwest are encouraged to show the wonderful photo opportunities and diversity in the surrounding area. This could be Shawnee Mission Park in Winter, Powell Gardens in Spring, or the Overland Park Arboretum in Autumn. It can be beneficial if your photograph reflects a particular month, holiday or season.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who can enter the 2020 Overland Photo Supply calendar contest?
    • We invite all our customers to submit their own digital photos for a chance to be included in our 2020 calendar.

  2. How many photos can I enter?
    • You can submit up to three(3) calendar month photos, and one(1) Cover Photo.

  3. What kind of file should I submit?
    • All entries should be digital files in jpg format only. EXIF data should be intact so photo information can be included with the photo in the calendar.

  4. What file size/resolution should I submit?
    • Most DSLR cameras of 6 megapixel or higher have adequate resolution. Photos will be printed 11.25" x 8.75" at 300 ppi. The exact dimensions are 3375 x 2625 pixels. If your photo is not this proportion, some cropping will occur. Minor cropping around the edges will also occur because of the printing process.

  5. Can I submit a vertical image?
    • No, photos need to be horizontal(landscape) to properly fit the format of the calendar.

  6. Who will pick the winning photos?
    • Winning photos will be chosen by the owners and employees of Overland Photo Supply after being voted on by the public. Cover Photos will not be voted on, and will be chosen by the owners of Overland Photo.

  7. Will the submitted or winning photos be posted online?
    • Submitted photos will be displayed in an online gallery for viewing purposes only. Winning entries will be printed in the 2020 Overland Photo Supply calendar, and may be displayed on our website and/or on our Facebook page. Submitted entries may also be used by Overland Photo Supply to advertise for future calendar contests.

  8. Do I win anything or get any prize if my photo is chosen?
    • Yes, winning entries will each receive a $20 Gift Card for purchases at Overland Photo Supply. In addition the winning photographer of the Cover Photo will receive a $50 Gift Card for Overland Photo.

  9. Do I need a model release if someone is recognizable in my photo?
    • If your photo is chosen we will contact you for a model release at that time. You will not need one for photos taken at public events, where the person is not the subject of the photo.

  10. Will I get photo credit in the calendar for my photo?
    • Yes you will.

  11. Can I put my name or watermark on my photo?
    • No, you should not have any name, watermark, or copyright on the image itself. We will overlay photographer credit to maintain uniformity on all photos. Some EXIF data, like exposure information, will also be displayed.

  12. Do I still maintain rights to my photos?
    • Yes you still maintain complete rights to your photographs. By submitting photos you are granting us the one time right to publish your entry in the 2020 printed calendar, and permission to use your entry to advertise availability of the calendar on our website. You are also granting us the right to use your entry to advertise for a future calendar contest. By submitting an entry you acknowledge and warrant that the photograph is an original work by you, that the photograph does not infringe on the copyrights, rights of privacy or intellectual property rights of any other person, and that no one else has any right, claim or interest in the photograph.

  13. Can I submit a print or slide?
    • No we are only accepting digital files.

  14. Can I submit photos taken with my film camera?
    • Yes, but the film would have to be scanned at sufficient resolution, and saved in jpg format to submit a digital file.

  15. Are there any restrictions to the subject matter in my photos?
    • The subject matter should be appropriate for all ages. Therefore we won't accept photos that contain sexually explicit, nude, obscene, violent or other objectionable content.

  16. Can I submit digitally altered or manipulated photographs?
    • Yes you may, but please refrain from applying any border effects.

  17. Can I suggest a month for my photo?
    • Yes, we welcome your input for the month your photo represents.

  18. How can I get a copy of the finished calendar?
    • Calendars are available around Thanksgiving, and copies can be picked up in store while supplies last.

  19. Will you charge for the calendar?
    • No, the calendars are offered free to our customers.

  20. Can I take extra copies of the calendar for family members and friends?
    • Yes, but we ask for your consideration, to not take more calendars than you need, so that everyone that wants one can get a copy.

  21. What is the deadline for submitting my photos?
    • Deadline for entries is September 1, 2019

  22. When and how will I be notified if I have a winning entry?
    • Winners will be notified by October 31, 2019. We will notify winners by email, telephone or regular mail.

  23. How do I submit my digital file(s)?
    • You may submit your digital entries by email to calendar@overlandphoto.com
      You can also drop them off at the store on CD, DVD, or thumb drive.

  24. What do I need to include with my entry?

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