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BlackRapid Straps


BlackRapid - The World's Fastest Camera Strap

BlackRapid RS-Sport StrapBlackRapid RS-Sport Strap

BlackRapid RS-Sport

Can't stay still? The RS-Sport will keep your gear safe and steady in even the most strenuous situations. Slide the camera up the strap to grab that perfect shot. With its sturdy design and under-arm safety tether, the RS-Sport isn't going anywhere, even if you are.


BlackRapid RS-4 Strap

BlackRapid RS-4

The RS-4 Version of the R-Strap is lightweight and low profile,with the sizing adjustment located on the front for quick adjustments. The RS-4 also features a quick access, secure pocket for storing two extra memory cards in their protective cases. Comes with all of the hardware you need to get going. This includes the ConnectR-2 and the FastenR-2.


BlackRapid RS-5 Strap

BlackRapid RS-5

The RS-5 version of the R-Strap is based around a unique, layered design to accommodate more storage than you ever thought possible in a camera strap. Located on the front outside of the pad is a pocket for carrying a smart phone, large battery, walkie-talkie, or similar sized items. The top of the pad opens up to reveal even more storage within: enough to carry 9+ memory cards, ID, credit cards, and more. Load it up right, and youíll never run out of memory or power. The silent closures are thanks to padded Neodymium magnets, so you can sift through your storage with out making a sound. Perfect for when you are sneaking up on a grizzly bear or when the bride is giving her vows!


BlackRapid RS-7 Strap

BlackRapid RS-7

The RS-7 is specially designed to work with BlackRapidís MODS system. It features attachment points so you can customize your strap with your choice of storage and other features. Itís constructed of ballistic nylon for extreme durability. With the RS-7, ergonomics are key. Itís designed and shaped to fit perfectly around your shoulder. The weight of your camera is evenly distributed for the ultimate in comfort. Built for speed, for when timing is everything.


BlackRapid SnapR Strap

BlackRapid SnapR

BlackRapid SnapR point & shoot strap and case. SnapR combines BlackRapid's revolutionary sling strap concept with a durable, padded camera bag. Your camera rests upside down, attached to the strap, ready to slide into shooting position. Grab, Glide, Click.


BlackRapid RS-W1 Strap

BlackRapid RS-W1

The RS-W1 is BlackRapid's introduction to designing a camera strap specifically for women. Part of the award winning R-Strap line, the RS-W1 is the world's first camera strap that focuses on the perfect fit for the female. While maintaining the traditional "Built for Speed" design, our designers added a sleek curve highlighted with an elegant but slight pattern accent. This RS-W1 provides comfort, speed, and durability along with graceful styling.


BlackRapid RS DR-1 Double Strap

BlackRapid RS DR-1

Just what the good doctor prescribed. The RS DR-1 Double Strap. The DR-1 is perfect for long days of shooting with two cameras. The ergonomics have been perfected, so you can relax and shoot with ease. The materials are all top notch, with no exceptions made. The craftsmanship pays homage to detail. Still constructed in Seattle, and still backed by our 1 year warranty and 30 day guarantee.

The DR-1 comes with all of our latest hardware, and everything you need to attach two cameras and start shooting, including the new FastenR-2 and ConnectR-2. With the new DR-1 you will have two cameras ready for action. Grab, Glide, ClickÖ times two.


BlackRapid ConnectR-2

BlackRapid ConnectR-2

Lock and load. Lock and load. The new ConnectR-2 (CR-2) is the smartest upgrade you can make to your early generation R-Strap. Designed and built exclusively for BlackRapidís R-Straps, the CR-2 is made from high strength steel and coated in black nickel. Itís stronger, swivels smoother, and has a positive lock to ensure the safety of your camera (and peace of mind). Retrofit your R-Strap with this beauty and your days are bound to only get better.


BlackRapid FastenR-3

BlackRapid FastenR-3

The FR-3 is BlackRapid's latest invention for carrying your camera and lens. Finished in black nickel, the solid stainless steel design provides a positive connection point while perfecting the quick and easy attachment and release system. The enhanced locking ridges on the FR-3's underside ensure that solid connection between your camera and FastenR. Strong. Secure. Confident


BlackRapid CoupleR

BlackRapid CoupleR

Behold, the coupling of two R-Straps into a two camera carrying system! The CoupleR is BlackRapidís simplest solution to carrying two cameras. By coupling any two R-Straps in the back, and wearing them like a backpack, your cameras will hang vertically at your sides. You'll feel free and secure while having both cameras quickly accessible. The CoupleR is made from the same bomb-proof webbing used on the R-Straps, with the addition of high strength elastic for automatic sizing. Simply snap one or more CoupleRs to the back portion of two R-Straps, and adjust their height for comfort. Presto!, two cameras at your beck and call.


BlackRapid Brad Mod

BlackRapid Brad Mod

The BRAD (BlackRapid Arm Defense) MOD is designed to attach to your strap for a more secure fit during those action packed shoots. Worn under the arm, the BRAD will make sure that your strap stays put, right where you like it.


BlackRapid JOEY J-1 MOD

BlackRapid JOEY J-1 MOD

An attachable pocket that hooks onto your MODS compatible R-Strap. The J-1 features a velcro closure, and is recommended for use with smaller phones and batteries.


BlackRapid JOEY J-2 MOD

BlackRapid JOEY J-2 MOD

An attachable pocket that hooks onto your MODS compatible R-Strap. The J-2 features a velcro closure, and is recommended for use with larger smart phones, MP3 players, and batteries.


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