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Crick Camera Shop
to close January 7th, 2017

We were sad to hear about the announced closing of an industry partner, Crick Camera Shop. This on the heals of the recent closing of another local camera store in the Northland, Photographx Unlimited.

Brick and mortar stores like ours are having an ever more difficult time competing with online retailers like Amazon. Many long standing companies have had trouble in recent year's since the rise of the Internet, and the transition to digital in photography. Well known names like Calumet, Porters Camera, Ritz and Wolf Camera, and even Kodak have struggled or gone out of business. It's important to patronize your local stores so they stay around and you have an alternative to ordering online. This way you can see, feel and try products before you buy. We will strive to be here with a wide variety of products on hand, always adding more innovative items all the time. Many times we will not be the lowest price you can find, but our prices will be as competitive as we can.

We welcome Crick's customers to choose Overland Photo Supply for their photographic equipment needs in the future. We don't have any lab services, so for your processing or printing needs we recommend Process One.

Here's an article about another camera store closing February 28, 2017. Showcase Photo & Video had been in business 40 years, and was the largest and last camera store in Atlanta, Georgia.


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