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Amherst Media books

Amherst Media Books


Advanced Digital Camera Techniques

In this book, you’ll learn how to select the best exposure mode for various subjects; create motion in your photographs using controlled shutter speeds, cam-era movement, and zoom techniques; create 360-degree circular panoramas; create first-rate close-up images; edit, catalog, and print your images and much more.



Advanced Infrared Photography Handbook

Building on the techniques taught in Laurie White's popular Infrared Photography Handbook, this book features information on light metering, how to develop "infrared sensitive" eyes, improving shadow detail, and much more.



Art/Business of High School Senior Portrait Photography

Author Ellie Vayo shares the insights and techniques that have made her studio one of the biggest and most profitable senior portrait businesses in the United States. From attracting new clients to delivering the proofs, this new book covers all of the aspects of this challenging business.



Art of Bridal Portrait Photography

Guides the photographer through every step of the bridal shoot to ensure that photographers get results the client will cheris. From metering the light to location and studio shots, to corrective lighting techniques, Seefer doesn't miss a step.



Art of Infrared Photography

Learn the techniques that produce stunning b&w or color infrared images. Includes selecting subjects, film, filters, focusing, handcoloring and processing infrared.



Basic 35mm Photo Guide

Fully illustrated each step of the way. Includes f-stops, shutter speeds, films, lenses, composition, camera care, more.



Beginner’s Guide to Adobe Photoshop Elements

Learn how to perfect your photographs with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements®. Even beginners will find it easy to fix color and exposure problems, eliminate red-eye, convert color images to black & white or sepia, add striking creative effects and much more.



Beginner’s Guide to Pinhole Photography

Kids and adults can take pictures with their own homemade cameras. Includes building a camera, selecting paper or film, making the exposure, developing and printing-all in easy, step-by-step language.



Beginner’s Guide to Photographic Lighting

Master the lighting tools used by professional photographers to achieve flawless images. Don Marr shows you everything you need to begin sculpting light.



Best of Children’s Portrait Photography

Written by Bill Hurter, editor of Rangefinder magazine, this book draws on the work and experience of over twenty top professional photographers in the portrait industry. In it, you’ll learn the creative and technical skills they apply every day, on every shoot.



Best of Portrait Photography

Filled with practical, hard-won advice, this book offers an inside look at the working habits, styles, and strategies of industry pros.



Best of Teen and Senior Portrait Photography

The artistry of top senior portrait experts, including Fuzzy Duenkel, Jeff Smith, Ellie Vayo, Richard Pahl, Ralph Romaguera, and Deborah Lynn Ferro, reveals the artistic, photographic, and marketing techniques that have propelled them to the top of their field.



Best of Wedding Photography

Learn the techniques used by professional wedding photographers—from how they identify and capture that perfect, romantic moment, to the critical skills they draw on every time they step behind the camera. Written by Bill Hurter, editor of Rangefinder magazine, this book features images from dozens of top professionals and reveals the secrets behind their creation.



Black and White Model Photography

Paired techniques and images teach you to create dramatic and sensual images of models. Lighting, setting, equipment, posing and composition are provided for 60 images. Features nude and lingerie models.



Bride's Guide to Wedding Photography

Learn how to get the wedding images of your dreams! This guide will show you how to orchestrate every aspect of your wedding photography, from identifying a style that suits you, to hiring a photographer, to selecting makeup, flowers, and clothing that will photograph well, and much more.



Build Your Own Home Darkroom

Build a professional-quality, yet inexpensive darkroom in your basement, closet, bathroom or almost anywhere. All the needed tools are explained and special consideration is given to easy construction, sturdiness, space limitations and budget.



Camera Maintenance and Repair #1

Learn to maintain and repair your own camera equipment. Clear step-by-step instruction on the repair of all popular camera formats. Features specialized repair techniques for hundreds of cameras.



Classic Portrait Photography

Go behind the scenes with Master Photographer Bill McIntosh and learn the techniques required to capture flawless images of portrait subjects in ever imaginable situation—from posing and lighting large groups, to orchestrating on-location shots that even the most distriminating client will cherish.



Color Correction & Enhance with Photoshop

This book provides the step-by-step instruction photographers need to maximize their image quality-from making quick fixes with automated tools to creating professional solutions with more sophisticated color tools.



Corrective Lighting & Posing for Portraits

Make your clients look their best with these easy-to-follow techniques for concealing a double chin, making stomachs look flat, hiding ears that stick out and much more!



Creative Techniques for Color Photography

This book contains everything you ever wanted to know about color, from a discussion on the electromagnetic spectrum, to the visible spectrum and prisms, to how humans perceive color.



Digital Darkroom Guide with Photoshop

Author Maurice Hamilton provides a step-by-step, measured, and well thought out method for fine-tuning images, allowing you to bring out, rather than mask, the true spirit of each image to produce fine art.



Digital Photography for Child/Family Portrait

In this book, you’ll learn why going digital will result in enhanced creativity, better production, fabulous images, happier clients, and a bigger profit than ever before. With Hawkin's easy-to-use strategies and techniques, you’ll quickly begin to fulfill all of your professional goals, making what once seemed a dream become a reality.



Family Portrait Photography

Take great family portraits and market your work. Includes: posing, lighting, working with clients, shooting on location, attracting business, running promotions and presenting your portraits effectively.



Group Portrait Photography Handbook

Top seller! Of all the portrait specialties, photographing groups is particularly demanding. How do you pose a group? How do you keep everyone in sharp focus, let alone create an interesting composition? Bill Hurter, editor of Rangefinder magazine, provides a detailed study of what makes group portraiture work. Illustrated with images by top portrait photographers, this book teaches the techniques needed to produce top-quality results.



Handcoloring Photos Step by Step

Takes you step-by-step through the hand-coloring process, using a variety of media, like oils and watercolors. Handcoloring is easy to learn, creatively satisfying, and fun. Includes colorful examples.



How to Photograph Your Baby's First Year

This simple guide shows those without a background in photography how to take the best possible pictures during their child’s first year. With technical and artistic tips, this book cleverly points to endearing photo opportunities as well as those that can be created with a few simple props.



Infrared Photography Handbook

Discover the unique world of infrared photography. Features of this volume include: taking your first roll of infrared photos, proper equipment, darkroom techniques, composition, and more.



Into Your Darkroom Step by Step

The complete guide to doing your own b&w darkroom work. Info on: equipment, setting up, developing negatives, making proof sheets and enlarged prints, techniques for fine prints, advice from professionals, and more.



Legal Handbook for Photographers

From photographing on private property or crime scenes to dealing with film or equipment seizuers, Krages offers readers solid advice that will help them make well-informed decisions.



Light & Exp. Tech. for Outdoor & Location Port Phtg.

J. J. Allen takes you step-by-step through the techniques you need to succeed—from selecting portable equipment, to choosing a setting with good light. You'll learn to eliminate lighting and exposure problems, and create flattering, consistent results on every shoot.



Lighting for People Photography

Complete guide to lighting. Includes: setups, equipment, strobe and natural lighting, and more. Features diagrams, illustrations and exercises to practice lighting techniques.



Lighting Techniques for High Key Portrait Photography

Master photographer Norman Phillips shows readers how to avoid common pitfalls to produce flattering high key portraiture. Readers will learn to recognize high key portraits, and to create this popular style in their own studios—or in their backyards. From metering for perfect exposures, to achieving correct lighting ratios, to selecting an appropriate background, Phillips shows photographers to compose artful, elegant images.



Lighting Techniques for Low Key Portrait Photography

In low key images, tones are primarily dark. While simple in theory, creating this style presents some unique challenges. Tips for creating a studio setup, using window light, and employing natural light on location are all covered in detail.



Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers

Master traditional and contemporary lighting techniques and apply them to create exceptional portraits that will dazzle your clients—from brides, to business executives, to fashion models.



Master Posing Guide for Portrait Photography

Top seller! Improve your portraits and discover what your client truly wants through a psychological approach to posing. Practical techniques are provided for every aspect of posing, beginning with the consultation and continuing on to dealing with a variety of different clients.



Outdoor & Location Portrait Photography

Complete guide to shooting outdoors and on location. Understand and control natural light, and select the perfect scene Included are tips for posing, selecting clothing and marketing your work.



Photographer's Filter Handbook

The definitive guide to filter use. Beginning with a primer on the electromagnetic spectrum and light absorption, Sholik and Eggers cover all you need to know about filters, including the materials from which they aremade, how specific filters work, how to compensate for a change in available light and what result your choice of filter will have on your images.



Photographer’s Guide to the Dig. Port. w/Photoshop

In this book, you’ll learn to open your images, set your Adobe® Photoshop® preferences, correct color, use a variety of tools to fix image flaws, sharpen images, crop photographs and much more.



Photographer's Guide to Polaroid Transfers

Step-by-step instructions make it easy to master Polaroid transfer and emulsion lift-off techniques and add new dimensions to your photographic imaging. Fully illustrated to ensure good results the very first time!



Photographer's Guide to Wedding Album Des/Sales

With its focus not only on design, but sales and marketing techniques, as well, readers can indulge in both break- the-mold artistry—from color effects, to overlays, to decorative sheet music accents, to pop-up images and fold- out pages—and time-honored and progressive sales ideas that provide much incentive.



Photographer's Lighting Handbook

Learn how light affects every subject that you photograph, and how to use light to create stunning images. From landscapes made in nature’s light to portraits created with the man-made kind, the techniques detailed in this book will help readers build a foundation for stunning images of special places and important moments.



Photographing Children in B&W

Learn the techniques professionals use to capture classic portraits of children (of all ages) in black & white. Discover posing, shooting, lighting and marketing techniques for black & white portraiture in the studio or on location.



Photographing Your Artwork

A step-by-step guide for taking high-quality slides of artwork for submission to galleries, magazines, grant committees, etc. Learn the best photographic techniques to make your artwork (be it 2D or 3D) look its very best, whether in your studio or on exh



Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop

Improve images quickly and easily with these Adobe® Photoshop® accessories. With plug-ins, you can amplify your digital imaging experience and abilities beyond your wildest dreams.



The Portrait Book: Guide for Photographer's

With interviews from photo editors from the New Yorker, Vibe, and Vanity Fair, a historic perspective of the art of portrait photography, a list of self-assignments, and a host of indispensible tips, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.



Portrait Photographer's Guide to Posing

Whether you prefer classic or contemporary images, this book will help you master the critical principles of posing, and begin producing portraits your clients will love. Features advice and images from fifty of the industry's top pros.



Portrait Photographer's Handbook

Featuring the work of over twenty award-winning photographers and written by the editor of Rangefinder magazine. A complete guide to portrait photography, from shooting to darkroom techniques. Updated with website design information, as well as new marketing techniques.



Portrait Photography:The Art of Seeing Light

Drawing on over fifty years of experience, Don Blair shows you the lighting techniques he relies on when creating his timeless images.



Posing and Lighting for Studio Portrait Photography

Master the lighting and posing skills needed to create top-notch portraits in your studio. Fully illustrated with step-by-step techniques for ensured success.



Posing for Portrait Photography: Head to Toe Guide

With an emphasis on creating images that will sell themselves, detailed information is provided on using posing to correct common figure problems and designing poses that look natural—so clients are sure to love them.



Pro. Digital Imaging. for Wedding and Portrait Photogs

Build your portrait and wedding photography business and enhance your creativity with the latest digital technologies.



Professional Digital Photography

Creating meaningful photographic imagery is a very involved process that requires many advanced skills. Right now, the digital imaging industry is crying out for experts—photographers with a real command of their images. This book provides photographers skilled in basic digital imaging with the information required to take their images to the next level.



Professional Digital Portrait Photography

Digital portrait photography offers a number of advantages—both creatively and financially. Yet, because the learning curve is so steep, making the transition to digital can be frustrating. Jeff Smith, a studio owner and successful digital portrait photographer, walks you through the process from a professional perspective.



Professional Model Portfolios

Create stand-out model portfolios that will get your clients noticed—and hired! Contains insider information on the modeling industry and techniques for developing your client's “look” for the American, Asian, or European market.



Professional Secrets for Photographing Children

Featuring lighting diagrams for every image, this book covers everything you need to create memorable images of children of all ages. Included are: working with kids, posing, equipment selection, and special event photography.



Pro. Secrets/Natural Light Portrait Photography

Create stunning portraits of children, couples and families with the simple beauty of natural lighting. Window, porch, shade, and all lighting types and situations are discussed in this step-by-step manual.



Professional Secrets of Wedding Photography

Over fifty top-quality portraits are individually analyzed to teach you the art of professional wedding portraiture. Lighting diagrams, posing info and technical specs are included for every image.



Professional Stratg. & Tech. for Digital Photog

This fascinating book brings together sixteen experts from various photographic genres to discuss the digital phenomenon, providing you with real insight into the impact that digital technology has had on the industry and what the future will bring.



Professional Techs. for Digital Wedding Phtg

Featuring new techniques and images, this book is now available in their second edition! This sourcebook will help any studio with the transition to digital, providing assistance in how to choose quality up-to-date equipment, what digital will allow you to offer your clients, and how to use your equipment effectively. Every aspect of digital photography is covered, from the shoot to album design.



Step-by-Step Digital Photography

Many so-called instructional manuals are so complex they scare new photographers away. This book provides the step-by-step approach beginners need to master everything from holding the camera, to basic exposure and flash photography, to cleaning and caring for your camera. Now updated with new camera models and information!



Studio Lighting: Primer for Photographer's

Whether you set up a temporary space in a living room or rent a commercial space, this guide will aid you in selecting equipment, maximizing your creativity, and fine-tuning your images—from still lifes to portraits.



Studio Portrait Photographing/Children & Babies

Learn to work with the youngest portrait clients to create images that will be treasured for years to come. Includes tips for working with kids at every developmental stage, from infant to preschooler. Features: lighting, posing and much more.



Toning Techniques for Photographic Prints

Whether you want to extend the longevity of your black & white prints, improve contrast, “antique” your images, or treat them to electrifying color, this book is for you. Richard Newman brings toning out of the dark—and out of the darkroom. With minimal equipment and a well-ventilated space, anyone can learn to tone prints.



Traditional Photo. Effects w/ Adobe Photoshop

This book shows photographers how to use Photoshop to achieve traditional photo effects. Learn how to add the look of specialized filters and techniques, how to achieve darkroom effects without a darkroom, create handcolored images, and much more.



Watercolor Portraits: Polaroid SX-70 Manipulation

Learn to create painterly images by manipulating Polaroid SX-70 prints. Includes manipulation techniques, computer enhancements, marketing and much more.



Web Site Design for Professional Photographers

Because prospective clients are relying more on the Internet to select service providers, having a highly visible, accessible web site is essential for photographers in every field. Your web site is your new storefront, and this book will show you how to make it work for you.



Wedding Photography/Creative Lighting & Posing

Rick Ferro reveals the techniques behind his signature style. New edition in full color with updated text and images. New updates include more information about marketing your photography!



Wedding Photography with Adobe Photoshop

Get the skills you need to make your images look their best, add artistic effects, and boost sales. From shooting tips to techniques for creating savvy marketing pieces with Adobe® Photoshop®, this book will help you make the most of your artistic and business skills.



Zone System: Step-by-Step Guide

Master the exposure and printing system used by Ansel Adams to create his masterpieces. Consummate educator and photographer Brian Lav provides easy, step-by-step instructions that make this often intimidating system simple to learn and apply.


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