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Photek's digital LIGHTHOUSE is a color-corrected, translucent cloth material housing for photographing small and medium products that can be lit with daylight, electronic flash, fluorescent, quartz and tungsten light sources. The digital LIGHTHOUSE can be lit from the sides, top, back, front or can be placed on a shooting table for bottom illumination. It also includes a removable Black Sweep that aids in preventing shadows on the background and provides complete separation from the item being photographed. It contains a removable plastic base, forming a rigid base for ease of product placement. Photek's digital LIGHTHOUSE helps to produce photographs with a professional quality because the product lighting is made simple and efficient and takes less time then conventional lighting solutions.

Photek's digital LIGHTHOUSE Built-in Features:
Complete portability in design with one-touch set up and breakdown. Full zipper front and zipper on top panel for digital camera lens positioning. Front panel peels back on all three sides for ease of positioning products inside the digital LIGHTHOUSE.

The digital LIGHTHOUSE is available in four different sizes. All models can be used in either a vertical or horizontal format as pictured above. When used vertically, the DLH-24/36 provides a base of 24" x 24" with a height of 36". When used in a horizontal format the base is 24" x 36" with a height of 24". In addition, the DLH-24/36 includes a completely removable panel allowing it to be placed on top of objects that cannot be moved such as plantings or other non-portable items.

Use the DIGITAL LIGHTHOUSE for web advertising photos, small and medium product photography, copying art work and recording sculptures for future reference.

DLH-10/13 10" X 10" X 13" with removable black & white sweeps (9.5" x 9.5" x 28) that attach to the inside with velcro tabs. Includes 2 rigid bases for horizontal or vertical use. Weight 1 lb. Folds flat and fits into a slim carry case. DLH-10/13 - Price $64.00

DLH-15/22 15" x 15" x 22.75" with removable black & white sweeps 14.5"' x 32" that attach to the inside with velcro tabs. Includes 2 rigid 1 bases for horizontal or vertical use. Weight 2.5 lbs. Folds flat and fits into a slim carry case. DLH-15/22 - Price $84.00

DLH-18/27 18" x 18" x 27.5" with removable black & white sweeps 17.25" x 41" that attach to the inside with velcro tabs. Includes two rigid bases for horizontal or vertical use. Weight 3.8 lbs. Folds flat and fits into a slim carry case. DLH-18/27 - Price $110.00

DLH-24/36 24" x 24" x 36" with a removable black & white sweeps 23.25" x 60" that attach to the inside with velcro tabs. Includes two rigid bases allowing both vertical and horizontal formats. Weight 7.5 lbs. Folds flat and fits into a slim carry case. DLH-24/36 - Price $164.00


Each lamp is complete and is packaged individually for easy portability.

Table top design for table top photography.

Eliminates the need for bulky light stands and allows unlimited positioning to best illuminate the product.

The LS-200 delivers lamps full of daylight.

Powered by two 23 watt fluorescent bulbs, which are included, this concentrated light source supplies the equivalent of 200 watts of real power without heat, more than enough to perfectly illuminate any product contained within the Digital LightHouse.

With a color temperature of 5100K, the color of daylight, no adjustment of color balance is necessary when your digital camera is used on its automatic setting.

Designed to be used with DIGITAL LIGHTHOUSE models DLH-10/13, DLH-15-22 and the DLH-18/27. Use it also as a work light when true color applications are critical, such as stamp collecting, jewelry, crafts, gems, fabrics, etc.

Photek LS-200 - Price $65.00 Each Including Bulb


Our patent application says it all.

The purpose of this invention is to provide a device that frees the camera from the restraints of the traditional camera tripod, allowing the camera to be set in any fixed position necessary in the making of a photograph.

Supplied with a quick-release ball head, the EXTENDER is designed to function easily with digital, 35mm and medium format cameras.

Its telescopic design (total length of 38") allows the camera to be placed well apart and beyond the support legs of the tripod itself.

The EXTENDER consists of three basic components:

A universal clamping device which would allow it to be affixed to almost any existing traditional tripod.

An enclosed counter-weighted, heavy duty aluminum telescoping extension.

A quick-release ball head for mounting the camera.

Weight 3.5 lb (1.5 k)

THE EXTENDER - Price $99.00

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