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Spider Camera Holster

SpiderPro Plate SpiderPro Plate

The Spider Plate is made of cast Aluminum alloy and screws to the bottom of your camera and will allow you to: •Shoot vertically using your camera's vertical grip. •Easily connect your tripod quick-release for tripod use. •Let your camera hang at a comfortable angle on either side of your body. •Lets you move freely with a fully loaded, ready to shoot DSLR with a pro flash attached.


  • 1 SpiderPro Plate (hex wrench included)
  • 1 SpiderPro Pin
SpiderPro Pin SpiderPro Pin

The SpiderPro Pins are cut from stainless steel and can be attached to the SpiderPro Plate, directly to the base of your camera, or to the tripod mount on your lens ring.


Black Widow Holster

Black Widow Holster Black Widow Holster

Expand your photo fun and versatility... take your camera off-road with the Spider Holster Black Widow. Your hands are free when they need to be, so go ahead, climb that incline, ride that rollercoaster, eat that pretzel...

Black Widow Thin Plate Black Widow Thin Plate

The Thin Tripod Plate is designed to carry weights up to 3 pounds. Use your own tripod quick-release plate to attach the Spider plate to your camera. It is made from stainless steel, and is thin but strong. Please use the SpiderPro Plate if your gear is heavier than 3 pounds.

Black Widow Belt Black Widow Belt

Don't get us wrong, the Spider Holster Black Widow is designed to be very comfortable when worn on your own belt. But the adjustable belt will make your camera feel like a feather so you can stay comfortably holstered all day long. The Black Widow belt is adjustable from 23 - 48 inches

Black Widow Pad Black Widow Pad

For maximum comfort try the Black Widow Camera Pad. You can either use it on your own belt or on the dedicated Black Widow Belt.

Black Widow Pin Black Widow Pin

Machined from a solid rod of stainless steel to provide maximum strength and rust resistance


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